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Who we are 

Dialogues is an art project with 6 participants that focuses on creative expression and dialogue between different artistic perspectives. Our aim is to bring people together to talk about their art, exchange ideas and create inspiring works.


Alei Verspoor 

Alei Verspoor is a textile and product designer who in her work aims to challenge the lifespan of products through their method of construction.

Born in The Netherlands, she studied menswear fashion at Arnhem’s Artez institute of the Arts, before obtaining a Master’s degree in Textiles from the Royal College of Art in London.

Alei has worked as a menswear designer for several sport brands, as well as across a broad range of other disciplines; accessory design, wearable electronics, and interior product design.


Elisavet Kalpaxi

Elisavet Kalpaxi is a UK-based interdisciplinary artist and researcher. Her work crosses mediumistic and disciplinary boundaries, focusing more on notions such as narrativity, connectivity, spirituality, agency, and more. She is also the founder or Dialogues. The interest lies with practice-based research in art and its contemporary criticality; also, with changing aesthetic narratives influenced by technological and socio-political/economic developments. Her work, theoretical and practical, has been presented in numerous exhibitions and conferences. 


Marie Molterer

Marie is an illustrator and textile artist with a background in print design and fashion.
Themes that keep recurring in her work are:
Intuitive craft, design by play, co-design and paper cut.


Cabbage and Kraut 

Cabbage & Kraut is a sporadic creative collaboration between long-time friends Maria Canavan and Sarah Quinn based in Dublin, that sprang to life in 2022 with a pop-up exhibition.

Maria works in art conservation on paintings ranging from the 14th century to the present, with Cabbage and Kraut she’s tapping into the spontaneity and fun of her years as a street and gallery artist.

Sarah has produced a wide range of creative collaborations from site-specific performances, multi-media festivals to interactive installations. The Cabbage & Kraut collaboration is continuing in the same vein as all her favourite projects: following a spontaneous creative impulse to an unknown fermentation.



Max Molterer

Max is a software engineer from Germany. He is interested in computer generated art and virtual reality. 

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